Benefits of Applying a Sealant on your Flat Roof

Applying a new sealant to flat roofs is quickly becoming a king in every homeowner. Aside from the fact that it is a cheaper option than a complete roof replacement, it is very to do on your own given the right tools. Learn about the benefits of applying a new sealant to your flat roof as well as some warnings related to it.

It serves as waterproof.

Sealing your flat roof covers tiny holes where water would normally sneak through whenever it rains. Elastomeric and silicone are popular options for roof sealants and are the best of their kind. High-end brands of elastomeric and silicone roof sealants are quite breathable and allow moisture from indoor activities like cooking to escape through the roof.

It gives UV protection for your roof.

Who says that only humans need UV protection? Roofs are directly exposed to sunlight and are prone to curling and degradation. Some roofs contain materials to limit the exposure and minimize the effect but as an ordinary homeowner, it is hard to tell whether your roof is UV-resistant. Applying a new sealant would definitely solve the problem and provide a long-term protection for your roof.

It increase fire resistance

High-grade roof sealants can improve your roof’s resistance to fire. If you are not sure about the fire rating of your house, applying a new roof sealant is the best way to increase its fire resistance.

It prevents growth of molds

Applying a new sealant to your roof decreases its permeability. Sealing your roof prevents it from getting moist for a longer period especially during the rainy season or if you leave in a damp area. Molds and algae are few of the reasons for the fast degradation of roofing materials. They don’t only destroy your roof but also cause bad odor to spread around your house and premises. With a new sealant on your roof you could avoid these problems.

It reduces heat on your roof

Experts believe that applying a new sealant on the roof reduces heat making it beneficial for the environment. Although there is no solid proof that a roof sealant can create the so-called “cooling effect” on the roof, it doesn’t hurt too much if you try. If you have plans of putting your house on the market, applying a new roof sealant can also increase its aesthetic and financial value.