Installing Crown Molding is Easy – With These Tips

If you are looking for a quick crown molding work, then you can do it yourself with some easy to find tools which are common in households. Crown molding is an easy and affordable luxury that we all can afford. Crown molding is the design that applied on the sidelines of the roof which makes it look rich and fancy.

Here are some tips for you if you are planning to give your room a new look with some crown moldings.

  • Cut the moldings only at 90 and 45-degree angles. After you take all the measurements, cut the frames in a straight line of 90 degrees because the cut will decide the quality of the fitting of the crown molding. Cut pieces of 45 degrees so that they can fit in the corners properly without leaving empty spaces between the frames.
  • Type of crown molding is one of the most critical decision to make before you get started. There are three types of frames from which you can decide the most suitable, wooden, wood plus resin and plaster of Paris. Wooden is costliest of them all; hence you can choose from the other two.
  • Cut the corners of the moldings. You can’t just cut in any way that suits your comfort because it should need to cut at a specific angle. Proper measurements are necessary while cutting the moldings. Coping saw is best while doing the same.
  • Don’t start the cutting work before measuring and marking the wall. The measurements of the wall play the most critical role while installing the deck because even a difference of an inch will destroy your hard work. Take good care of the measurements of the wall and mark all the measurements well.
  • Don’t be too quick while fitting the cuttings because this work needs proper care and time once you are satisfied with the fitting of the moldings you can color if you want to and even if you leave them white, they will be as beautiful as snow on fresh grass.