Interior Painting Tips for Newbies

Are you planning to paint your walls? Well, you have come to the right place because we are just about to reveal to you the most essential tips for interior painting. Many homeowners have basic painting preparations but don’t really know some wise techniques to make everything smooth and easy.

Don’t let your paint dry out

If you plan on painting just one wall, it is best that you buy 1 litre of paint of a half gallon depending on the size of your wall. This is because your paint can actually dry out if you only use a small amount of it and leave the rest in the can. Nevertheless, if you have already bought a large can of paint you and still have enough left even after painting your wall, you need to seal the leftover tightly. Drop golf balls into the paint or use plastic wrap under the lid upon covering.

Apply the correct primer

If you are painting a new drywall, it is wise to use a water-based primer to hide the imperfections. This will also improve the base and make it flatter before applying color. If you paint panel boards, you can opt for an oil-based primer. This will give it a smooth base for your finishing.

Use a roller instead of brush

Most homeowners prefer using brush because they are cheaper but using a roller to paint your wall will give it a smoother finish. Also using a roller distributes the paint evenly and avoids lumps and traces usually left buy brush painting. Nevertheless, you can use a brush to paint corners which are not normally covered by a roller.

Don’t wash your brush or rollers

Are you done with your interior painting project?  Well, don’t wash your brush or rollers yet. There is no reason to wash them when you are not done yet. Simply wrap them in plastic bags or tin foil to keep the paint wet and then you can reuse them the next day. You can also soak them with thinner to dilute paint that has dried.

Build a paint pen

If you plan on doing interior painting yourself or making business out of it, you better build a paint pen. You can use it to stock up new and old paint for your projects. Just remember to shake your paints well before you use them.