Building a Home in Costa Rica

We know the feeling every traveler gets when they want to explore a particular place, the joy of hiking and the excitement that accompanies seeing some of the most amazing attractions in the world. News from a reliable source says- Central America backpackers always mention Costa Rica to be on the list of their favorite destinations. There are numerous activities, beaches and interesting wildlife there; it’s a place where travelers will always be happy to say yes to, if they get a chance to revisit.

We’ve arranged some tips we’ll love to share with new and returning Costa Rica backpackers:

When to go

There isn’t exactly a “tough” or “most dangerous time of the year” in Costa Rica, so you could easily visit anytime you want to. Before going, you have to decide the kind of experience you and to have to choose a period of visitation. If you don’t mind some crowds and you’ll love to meet other backpackers from across the world, it is best to go during the high season, i.e., December through April. Going during the green season is perfect for you if you are on a budget and a rain lover as well, and that is May through November. The beaches are amazing during the high season, hiking and watching the cloud or rain is great during the green season.


Your budget basically depends on the level of luxury you desire and how long you’ll be staying. If you are staying for a month, 2,000 USD should do. If the cost of accommodation is kept low, you’ll have more to spend on tours and adventure.

General Tips

Most backpacking tips that you are aware of applies to a trip to Costa Rica as well. Just to do a quick recap of the major tips to remember:

  • Try to learn some basic Spanish before visiting Costa Rica
  • You have to pack light. You should prepare what you think you need, then cut it in half and then another half.
  • Avoid displaying valuables such as jewelries
  • You’ll need maps or travel books to help you during your adventure
  • Hire a guide if you’ll be hiking in an ultra-remote area

Where To Go

  • San Jose
  • Monteverde
  • The Osa Penisula
  • Santa Teresa
  • Manuel Antonio
  • Nosara


Must Know Tips For Bathroom Remodeling

So, are you planning to renovate or redesign your bathroom? Bathroom remodeling is the trending task in present days. Many homeowners pay particular attention to bathroom structures. Everyone loves renovating bathrooms more than kitchens. There is money concern also; the space of bathroom is smaller as compared to the kitchen, so typically one will have to spend less for a bathroom renovation project.

Moreover, we all want a bathroom, a reflection of our style or status and deliver the comfort we need at the same time.

Following are some basic bathroom remodeling tips to aid you in best renovation:

  1. Recess outer holdings – To get the classic look within small space, consider built-ins for all external holdings like recessed soap dish holders, medicine cabinets if any, and even sanitary roll holders, etc. It will upturn the space for vast remodeling.
  2. Sizing with Color and Lighting – We all want to give a more significant look of a small bathroom; this is possible with the right choice of color and lighting.  Make sure your color palette stays in the white-to-cream color, this color in spectrum aids to give a more significant look.  Likewise in lighting, usually we use ceiling fixtures. For the more significant look and vintage look consider lighting around the bathroom mirror in sconces.
  3. Dim Lighting & Extra Pieces for Mood – Dimmer switch a simple device will add mood to your bathroom. It’s perfect for late night relaxing baths. It should at the top of your remodeling tips list. Moreover, for more relaxing mode add extra pieces to give an appealing look to your bathroom like a cute cupboard with vibrant color, a beautiful chair in a corner, the freestanding section as a design element, only if space permits.
  4. Bath Tub & Commode Position – Make sure a toilet/commode or bathtub should not be positioned as facing the door. This makes the bathroom space messy; set the position at sides and far from the door, also get the rounded rod of the shower, to give a quirky look of the bathroom.
  5. Wall Protection and Beautification – The decorative beading has two great functions or benefits. First, it provides a distinctive antique look, and it is so easy to add during remodeling. Secondly, it is helpful in protecting the lower section of the walls from splashes of water that occur from tub and shower naturally.
  6. Fixtures makeover with Paint: During bathroom remodeling make sure to change the fixtures according to the paint color selection. If you want the soothing appealing look of the bathroom, then take time to think over the fixtures selection. It should be either matching to present color or in contrast of same.
  7. Plan for shower storage
  8. In case you have a separate shower section in place of a bathtub then plan storage in the shower. This will not only build up space around but will also give a modish look. Placing all body foams and gels in the area under shower will also make bath easier without much mess.


So, through careful planning and choosing the right design, paint, lighting, and structure, you can have it all.  The tips as mentioned above could turn your bathroom remodeling dream into reality.


How to Install Storage Shelves in your Garage


  • Screwdriver
  • Stud finder
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Hammer



Step 1: consider which equipment to use

To install a standard shelf, you’ll need suitable wall anchors. When the wall anchors are being installed, a hole should be drilled into the drywall and then the anchors can be inserted to securely hold the screws. For cinderblock walls, lead anchors will be needed to grip the screws.

Step 2: Mark the Locations for the Standards

Place the shelf on the wall. First and foremost, measure how far you’ll like your shelf to be from the floor or from the ceiling and then mark the desired spot for the bottom or top of each standard shelf. After doing this, you’ll have to make a decision on how far apart the standards have to be in order to hold the shelf. Then, measure up the length of the shelf, giving at least 8 in. of overhang on the exterior of each standard, as to not allow the shelf be placed on the very edge of the brackets.

Step 3: Mark the Positions of the Anchor and Insert

Place the first standard up on the wall, and confirm it is both plumbed vertically and leveled horizontally with the aid of a level. The standard will have open holes meant for screws; place a pencil inside each hole to mark the position for the wall anchor. Find the studs in the walls using a stud sensor to locate them.

Take this standard off the wall. Then, insert the anchors at the marked spot using a drill and screwdriver, or you can use a power screwdriver (if you’ll use self-tapping drywall anchors).

Step 4: Attach the Standards

Line the standard properly over the anchors and be sure once again that it is plumb and level. Then attach the screws through the slots on the standard and then into the anchors. Properly screw the standard.

Re-confirm the spacing between each standard and install the second standard using the above process.

Step 5: Insert the Shelf Brackets

Correctly insert the brackets into the appropriate standard slot and gently tap them in with your hammer. Now, you can place your shelf on the brackets and start utilizing your new storage shelf!


Check out this great video for more tips to help you be successful.



The Benefits of Hiring a Contractor on a Home Painting Job

If you intend to freshen up some walls or paint the interior or the exterior of your home entirely, it is best to go with the services of professional home painters that can do the job to your requirement. They will provide some extra help especially with more complex aspects of the remodel such as, exterior painting, and the ability to effectively complete the remodeling projects promptly while keeping their work to a high standard. This will allow the homeowner to complete the remodel in a more timely fashion.

Proper planning

Nowadays, home painting has grown and become a necessary part of every home decoration process, going wrong in this area will mean several other things are bound to be affected. But seeking the guidance of specialists, they will make sure that this will not happen. Specialists have a well-organized way of carrying out their work in a planned manner. Not only will they help you select the right color but also help you pick the correct paint finish to be used, plus they will guide you in every step. An extra benefit of seeking advice from experts is that they know what will work and what won’t for your home; they will begin by inspecting the area that requires to be painted and then advise you on the best choice that suits that area.

Quality products

A good home painting service providers will guide you in choosing the best painting products. It is their job to help you pick quality emulsion paints so that the paint applications go smooth and the results are satisfying and long-lasting. There are various surfaces, for example, cement walls, metal, and wooden surfaces that could be painted, and there are different paints specifically manufactured to paint these surfaces. You may not have the experience of knowing the best option to choose from, but paint experts will.

Faster results

A professional will undoubtedly understand how to manage time and labor in a limited time or schedule with the proper combination of expertise and knowledge in preparing surfaces, painting, and the finishing techniques. Expert home painting services come with an assurance of getting the wall painting job finished within a specific time. This does not mean they will finish the project in a hurry. But, instead, they will estimate the total number of hours and days that the pre-painting and the complete drying time will take up. After you are aware of the period needed, you can organize your schedule accordingly and prepare for the wall painting job.

Quality tools

Top-notch tools and brushes also play a vital role in improving the finish. Types of equipment, brushes, and rollers have to be of the highest quality to guarantee that the painting job remains excellent for a prolonged time. The contractor will then inspect their work making sure that there are no strands of brush hair visible on surfaces and walls.


So when you are looking for a painting contractor to do your home painting, look for one who is trustworthy and respectful. When you hand over your home decoration and painting project in the hands of experts be assured of quality and creativity involved in it. Not every person would know what would suit his home and professional help can prove to be helpful in such cases. A good home painting contractor can give your home the desired paint job without turning your world upside down. Always be thorough when selecting a painting team.